Spotlight on Associates Athena is proud to have a group of talented Associates

Athena is proud to have a group of talented Associates

Below are the associates with whom Athena works side by side to deliver
excellent coaching and training

Amanda Carrothers Athena Associate

Amanda Carrothers, PCC
20yrs experience in Corporate Training

(303) 506-7950

Since 2011 Amanda has served as the Director of Learning and Development for Spectra Logic Corporation in Boulder Colorado.  At Spectra, she builds the workforce to meet market strategies through multiple leadership initiatives, management development, workforce readiness curriculum, and professional coaching to meet the challenges of today for 480 people worldwide.

She has been a corporate trainer and human potential expert since 1996.  In 2001 Amanda purchased the nationally recognized company The Boulder Center of Accelerative Learning and renamed it to Transform Learning & Design.  Amanda grew the company 400% and established offices in Europe.  She spent three years living in Geneva, Switzerland consulting and coaching with such clients as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, and the International Labor Organization to meet a broader audience. Other clients include Singapore Airlines, John Deere, MD Anderson, Gulfstream Aerospace, University of Colorado  at Boulder, Capella University and many others. Amanda has a true passion for seeing people succeed. To date, she has designed training for and coached over 6,500 individuals from over 41 countries.

Amanda’s core areas of strength are Leadership, Management Development, Communication, Teambuilding, Strategic Thinking, Getting Things Done, Accountability, and Value Proposition Alignment, Coaching for Performance, Accelerated Learning, Professional Coaching and Conflict Management.

Amanda brings a holistic approach to serving her clients. She has dedicated her professional life to learning and applying emerging methods and technologies from the areas of experiential learning, somatics, philosophy, linguistics, and athletics. Working in the disciplines of body and mind, she enables her clients to become clear about their goals and move effectively toward their desired futures.

Contact Amanda Carrothers at (303) 745-7520 or

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