Leadership Level 2 Workshops for Growing Leaders

Examples of Level 2 workshops

These workshops are for leaders who want to take their leadership to a new level. Our experienced facilitators offer new tools to leaders who need to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, faster moving and more diverse workforce. For example, we provide workshops to give participants tools to develop inclusive cultures, in particular, cultures that engage both genders and have effective cross-generational teams. Workshops can be followed up with individual or group executive coaching sessions to assure that new skills are practiced, applied and mastered. If you don’t see the exact topic you’re looking for, call us and ask what we can design to meet your needs.

Leading Change:  The Leader as Change Agent

Politics at Work:  Power and Politics

Generations at Work:  Solving the Generations Puzzle

Gender Assets:  Leveraging Differences for Workplace Results

Innovation and Creativity:  Developing Idea Fluency

Vision, Values, Mission:  Individual Values, Purpose and Vision

Vision, Values, Mission:  Team and Organizational Values, Purpose and Vision