Leadership Series From individuals to teams to entire companies,
we have a Leadership series that suits your needs

Facilitated workshops for leadership and management

We provide a broad array of facilitated workshops and leadership series that develop leaders, build workforce skills and generate improved team dynamics and overall performance. All in-house programs are designed and customized to meet a specific client need; starting with an assessment of your organization.

  • Our series and programs employ accelerated learning techniques, based on known adult learning styles. Our training programs are interactive and experiential. The learning is all applied.
  • Participants practice new skills and do action planning, committing to make practical workplace application of what they have learned. As a result, participants deepen their learning, improve, change and grow.
  • Our leadership series include individual coaching between sessions. Single workshops can also be combined with follow-up coaching sessions to assure the learning is applied and incorporated as new behaviors.

To see our expert workshop facilitators in action, click on the video to the left.

Athena can address participants at all levels of leadership development. We have divided workshop topics by level, but can design or adapt content to meet the level of the intended participants. Samples of  leadership series, divided by level, are:

Example 1: “Leadership for the 21st Century” (4 sessions) 

Example 2: “Leading: Claiming Your Leadership Power” (2 sessions) 

Example 3: “Practical Innovation and Creativity” (3 sessions)