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Interview With John Doe

Interview With John Smith


Vice President - Major high-tech company

My coach helped me define the kind of leader I want to be. I now work very successfully with upper management.

Director - Global engineering firm

I’m more self-confident in managing crucial feedback, better able to articulate risks, recognizing expertise and empowering my folks to act more decisively.

Senior Director - Consumer products company

Now I measure success in how well my team interacts, supports each other and can articulate a clear vision of the future.

Vice President - Telecommunications company

Charlotte [my coach] was an anchor. She was an unfailing advocate and helped me identify areas that with some adjustment became strengths. She held me accountable for both my professional and personal behavior and was forthright in her suggestions and guidance. That was invaluable.

Principal and Creative Director - Marketing company

Steffie [my coach] was instrumental in helping me see my options at a critical turning point in my career. Her business experience and insight gave me perspectives I never would have known about and allowed me to “try on” different solutions before deciding on specific action. In addition to all of that, she’s just plain fun to be around. I looked forward to our meetings immensely.

Vice President - Distribution company

Looking back on my coaching I am amazed by how far I have come. I believe my team would say that I have grown in my skills as a leader and created a positive, energized environment.

Director - Financial services company

[My coach] Charlotte gave me helpful advice on how to handle conflict at work…and my confidence as a leader has gone from 2 to 4.5 (on a 5 point scale).

CEO - Health Care Imaging Company

Our leaders are now fully engaged, making better decisions and improving the bottom line in ways I only imagined.

Mid-level Participant in Workshop

This [program on feminine vs. masculine leadership] was undoubtedly the most thought-provoking presentation I have experienced.

Attorney/CPA Participant in Workshop

The meeting with The Athena Group on generations was a ‘10.’ I didn’t know how much of a problem I had with the generation puzzle as it relates to clients, my staff and my family. That meeting revolutionized my thinking about many things. Now I know why everyone doesn’t see life the way I see it. That program was probably the most significant meeting I have attended in a long time a long time. Maybe years.

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