Executive Coaching An essential tool for leadership development

Our Approach to Coaching

Executive coaching has become widely accepted as an essential tool for leadership development. Busy executives rarely have time to provide effective coaching to managers and leaders, even those who have clear potential to rise to the next level. A professional coach from Athena can:

  • Provide customized skill development to achieve targeted goals
  • Offer honest, clear feedback to help the client move past any issues that limit individual effectiveness
  • Give extraordinary support and encouragement to enable the client to achieve sustainable excellent performance

Athena coaching is an active collaboration between the coach and client where the focus is totally on the client and his or her objectives. Clients develop self-awareness and self-management, and gain skills to become self-correcting.

The basic structure of each coaching session is to define the existing condition, flesh out the desired results and then put a plan of action into place to move to the desired outcomes. The process is designed to promote the coachees’s clarity, responsibility and commitment to actions, and to offer support while advancing the ability to lead. Our coaching process is brain based, adult learning centered, and results focused.

Our Coaching Expertise

Athena coaches have a wealth of high level corporate experience. They are all experts in adult learning theory, an approach that assures that what is learned is practical and can be applied in the workplace. Athena will match your background and needs with our coaches. [Review our coaches’ biographies.]

Top 6 client types who hire an Athena Coach

  1. Those who want to learn what it takes to be a great leader, particularly in the ever-changing modern workplace
  2. Those who wish to increase their political savvy
  3. Leaders who are in danger of burnout and who want to re-engage and become reinvigorated in their role
  4. Anyone who needs to update their reputation and visibility to assure they are considered for advancement
  5. Those whose style or demeanor negatively impacts their effectiveness with peers, staff or clients
  6. Organizations that want to develop women leaders

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