Consulting Helping leaders build the culture they need for sustained performance

Our Approach to Consulting

Consulting by nature is customized, or it should be. Athena Group takes great pride in the level of customization available to our clients. Our process starts with understanding the aspirations, challenges and needs of our clients. We then bring our skills and experience to helping leaders envision the culture they need for sustained performance. The core work is then to develop and execute an action plan for achieving that vision.

Through our customized consulting services, the Athena Group can help your company:

  • Develop a high performance culture that leads to enduring results
  • Understand and improve team dynamics
  • Effectively lead change initiatives
  • Improve employee engagement, productivity and retention

Creating a High Performance Culture

Your corporate culture is the combination of expectations, beliefs, values, norms and behaviors that show your employees, customers and markets who you are, what you stand for and how you operate.

Often there is a disconnect between what leaders believe about their company’s culture and what is actually experienced by customers and employees. These disconnects can result in:

  • Difficulty in achieving business plans
  • Declining customer satisfaction scores and “churn” of customers
  • Disengaged employees who lack a sense of ownership and commitment
  • Low employee morale
  • High turnover and loss of talent
  • Inability to achieve potential synergies of a merger

Learn more about our process

  • Perform a culture scan to baseline your current organizational culture and to understand strengths, challenges and barriers to optimal performance
  • Create a business case for culture change
  • Frame a culture change plan with defined milestones, including a plan to show demonstrable results in the first 100 days
  • Design a change solution that integrates multiple capabilities within your company, drives business results and can be sustained over the long-term
  • Actively assist in implementation, including pilot testing and post-implementation support
  • Measure results and support program management

The Athena Group offers a customized solution for your organization’s unique needs, where we guide you through a process for creating the culture you envision.

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We help leaders

  • Understand the implications of four generations working side by side in the workplace
  • Identify the differences in the perspectives, needs and approaches of  gender, generations and differences, including ethnicity, thinking style and communication approach
  • Appreciate the motivational triggers of each group or style
  • Acquire tools and tactics to engage all employees and build teams that work effectively