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Beyond Diversity: Building Inclusion:

The Athena Group is certified in over 80 instruments and can provide assessments to support and complement your desired outcomes. Allow us to completely customize your experience for individuals, teams, and your organization. Assessments can add focus and clarity to a client’s experience and a company’s understanding of their human capital and, therefore, the current culture. We utilize these assessments as a catalyst for understanding growth, change, and alignment for achieving future goals.

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Examples of assessment instruments that Athena can provide our clients are:

Emotional Intelligence—the BarOn EQ-i® 

Emotional Intelligence 360—the BarOn EQ-i 

Leadership Practices Inventory  (by Kouzes and Posner)

StrengthsFinder® (by Marcus Buckingham)  (by Marcus Buckingham)

Myers Briggs®: The MBTI  the MBTI


Social Styles 

The TESi™  

Three Filters™ 

S.C.A.R.F.™ 360 

The Hogan Personality Assessment